Alfred is a minor character in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. He is a butler and bodyguard to the duchess Elisabeth.

Emperor's TreasureEdit

Chapter 4: The Paris OpéraEdit

When Phantom R encounters him at the Paris Opéra, Alfred is the only person to recognize that his disguise as a waiter is false. The Duchess Elisabeth then challenges Phantom R to defeat Alfred, claiming that if he does, he can have the Queen's Pendant. This leads to the minigame Throwdown with Alfred, in which the player must dodge the bodyguard's attacks and retaliate with their own.

After Phantom R defeats Alfred, Elisabeth keeps her promise and hands over the pendant. Alfred apologizes for his failure, and replies that he may have succeeded ten years earlier.

Chapter 8: Marie's SecretEdit

Alfred reappears in Chapter 8 at Elisabeth's Manse. As Phantom R is leaving the manse, he runs into the Chevaliers Diabolique, who have defeated Alfred. When the Chevaliers leave, Phantom R speaks to Alfred, who explains that they kidnapped Elisabeth despite his best efforts to save her. He begs Phantom R to rescue her and Marie at the Place de la Concorde.

Paris CaperEdit

Alfred appears as a rare accomplice in Rhythm Thief and the Paris Caper. He is called "Alfred the Butler."


Emperor's TreasureEdit

Paris CaperEdit