Auban's Items are items found in Auban's Shop in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. They can be purchased using coins and used during any minigame.


Restore stamina.Edit

The Restore Stamina item restores the player's groove back to a rank of C once they have fully ran out of groove, saving them from a single fail. It costs 5 Coins.

Makes it easier to get into the groove.Edit

This item makes the groove bar fill up much faster. It's helpful in getting a higher score or rank in minigames and can help you survive the level. It cost 10 coins.

Makes it harder to get out of the groove.Edit

This item makes mess-ups less damaging to your groove. It's helpful in getting a higher score, a higher rank, or to survive the level. It costs 20 coins.

Full-contact challange.Edit

The Full-Contact Challenge is an item that greatly improves the challange of a minigame. If the player receives a single harsh, it's an automatic fail. It's 30 coins, being the most expensive item.