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Fondue (フォンデュ, Fondyu) is a major character in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. He is the protagonist Raphael's three year old pet dog. He accompanies Raphael with his thefts as Phantom R.


Fondue is a dog with a white coat of fur and has a light brown spot around his left eye. He has a dark red hancerchief tied around his neck. He reaches up to around Raphael's knees in height.


Ranking GesturesEdit

In Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure for the 3DS, Fondue too is one of the characters who is ranked at the end of a minigame. Due to him being an animal, however, he cannot speak and he expresses his emotions through actions. Below is a brief description of the gestures that he makes after getting each rank (from best to worst).

Rank A: Fondue howls to the sky and wags his tail in sheer happiness.

Rank B: He first scratches his right ear, then barks happily.

Rank C: He stretches his body forward and back, then barks mildly.

Rank D: He looks at the pavement and groans in sadness. Beginning from this rank, Fondue no longer wags his tail.

Rank E: He opens his mouth and jumps twice as if he is attempting to bite more constables and redeem himself to Phantom R. After the two jumps, he falls onto the pavement on his four paws.


  • According to the Australian website, Fondue is named after his favorite food, cheese fondue.[1] However, in the first extra chapter, it is said that he is named after his love of eating.
  • Fondue was a stray until Raphael found him.
  • Raphael's first impression of Fondue was that he was pathetic.
  • Raphael tried the names Sam, Max, Ulysses and Dog before Fondue.
  • Fondue barks in French rather than English.
  • Désiré, an animal trainer, states that Fondue is an Alsatian Cheesehund, right before the minigame, Bone Appétit.
  • Fondue can be challenged in streetpass once the player gains 10 fans.
  • Fondue resembles a bull terrier.
  • Fondue has a striking resemblance to Spuds MacKenzie.


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