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Jean-François is a major character in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure and Rhythm Thief and the Paris Caper. He is also Marie's guardian.

Emperor's TreasureEdit

Chapter 2: On the Trail of the MarkEdit

When Raphael and Marie reach the convent, they meet Jean-François and says that he worried about her. After explaining that Marie was attacked, Jean-François then invites them to come inside, saying that he has good news for her. Inside, Jean-François explains that he found someone who could be Marie's mother. He believes that Marie's mother is Duchess Elisabeth and arranges a meeting with her before the show at the Paris Opéra.

Chapter 7: Saving MarieEdit

Jean-François is actually the mysterious Graf, whom Phantom R believed to be his father. He is also revealed to be related to the Duchess Elisabeth, by blood, meaning that Marie not only has French Royal blood, but also Babylonian blood. Then, Jean-François shoots Phantom R, and takes the real Dragon Crown. He explains it is not the real treasure, but that it is actually some kind of map to get to the treasure, through reading a mysterious message telling the reader about the real Crown's whereabouts. The key to the treasure is actually Marie.

Paris CaperEdit

Jean-François plays a similar role in Rhythm Thief and the Paris Caper to the one he played in The Emperor's Treasure. Like before, Phantom R meets him when returning Marie to the convent.

When Phantom R asks Marie about the mark on the Bracelet of Tiamat, she mentions that she recalls seeing it on Jean-François's watch. However, when Raphael confronts him about it, he denies any knowledge about the mark. Phantom R points out the mark's presence on the watch and Jean-François finally admits that he is involved with the Chevaliers Diabolique, but refuses to reveal anything and warns Phantom R to stay away from him and Marie. Phantom R then fights him within his Ancient Weapon as the boss of Chapter 8 in the minigame Showdown (Harpsichord Concerto).

He also appears as an accomplice. He starts as Jean-François C, but he can be promoted. A special trés rare called Jean-François Unleashed S is also available from Premium R Coin Auditions on certain occasions.


Emperor's TreasureEdit

Paris CaperEdit


  • Jean-François is known to donate lots of money to help the convent.
  • He did lots of research to find Marie's mother.
  • He was also the one who helped Marie continue with her violin lessons.