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Josette is a character in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure.


Josette has been one of Marie's best friends since childhood. They grew up together at the St. Louré Convent. Unlike Marie, Josette has a quick temper and doesn't trust Raphael at the start.

Josette appears in Chapter 5 when when Raphael is looking for Marie. He asks her where she is, but Josette believes that it is Raphael's fault that Marie went missing, so she yells at him. However, Jean-François describes a moment when Marie used the tune from a music box to stop Josette from hitting a boy when they were younger, so Raphael records the music box's song and plays it for Josette. With Josette now calm she agrees to help Raphael find Marie.

Josette can later be found at Rue Rambuteau.

Josette also appears as an accomplice in Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper. She is called "Killjoy Josette". She can be promoted from Killjoy Josette C to Killjoy Josette B.