Julien is a minor character in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure and an accomplice in Rhythm Thief and the Paris Caper. He works at the Paris Opéra and checks everyone's tickets when they arrive. He refuses to let Raphael enter without one.


Emperor's TreasureEdit

At the start of Chapter 5, Julien is found standing outside of the Paris Opéra lamenting the appearance of Phantom R and wondering what he was trying to steal. He informs visitors that the opera house is closed for the investigation.

In Chapter 8, Raphael speaks to Julien again outside of the opera house to ask where Elisabeth lives. At first Julien insists that he can't tell Raphael since it is against Paris Opéra policy. However, he then proclaims that Raphael has the "eyes of truth" and thus reveals that while he does not know where Elisabeth lives, Professor Alàn does and may be able to help him locate her.

In Chapter 10, Julien, still outside the Paris Opéra, informs visitors that the opera house is closed for the Fête de Paris.

Paris CaperEdit

In Paris Caper, Julien is an accomplice called "Julien the Usher". He can be promoted to Julien the Usher B.


Paris CaperEdit