Master Instrument
The Master Instrument (伝説の楽器, Densetsu no Gakki) is a creation by the shopkeeper Bernard. The player is required to record sounds for him to add to the instrument and allow it to evolve. There are four stages of five sounds for the instrument, with it evolving a level after each stage. None of the sounds required for the Master Instrument are permanently miss-able.
Stage 1:
Bat - Flea Market
Fountain - Palace de la Concorde or St. Louré Convent
Cat - Place Vendôme
Fly - Rue Rambuteau
Cough - Notre Dame Cathedral
Stage 2:
Bumblebee - Les Invalides
Yawn - Paris Archives
Bicycle - Musée d'Orsay Station
Wine Bottle - Paris Opéra Members' Hall, Market
Bell - The Sorbonne
Stage 3:
Chick - Petit Pont
Horse - Rue des Francs-Bourgeois
Camera - Rue de Conti
Bus - Hôtel de Cillon, Arc de Triomphe
Tummy Growl - Elisabeth's Manse
Stage 4:
Pidgeon - The Louvre
Trash Can - Constabulary Back Door
Cash Register - École Militaire
Lawn Mower - Eiffel Tower
Airplane - Champ de Mars