Bone Appétit is a minigame in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. It can be unlocked by speaking to Désiré at Place Henri-Mondor in Chapter 2.


Note: 3D display is disabled in this minigame.

Catch the flying meat!
Tilt the system to catch, and move from side-to-side to eat big pieces.
Tilt the system.

The player must help Fondue win a pet contest by making him catch and/or eat pieces of meat thrown to him in sequence by Raphael. Sometimes Raphael will not throw meat and will instead throw items such as wine bottles and dumbbells. If it's not meat, then don't eat it!

Tilting the 3DS makes Fondue move left and right to eat meat. For big pieces of meat, repeating this rapidly makes Fondue eat it in mid-air.