Rematch with Charlie is a minigame in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure.


Nail Charlie with the soccer ball!
Touch to kick it back, slide to shoot.
Touch and slide the stylus on the Touch Screen.

The player must help Phantom R fend off Charlie by rallying a soccer ball with him and shooting it at him when he drops his guard.

Tapping the screen kicks the ball back to Charlie and sliding the stylus up when Charlie performs a hanging shot will shoot it at him. Sometimes, Charlie will shout "Hey, go!" which indicates a fast sequence of shots between the two. If the player passes a B rank, the ball becomes ignited. This effect is purely cosmetic and shows that the player is doing well. During the middle, the perspective of where both of them are standing changes, and flocks of pigeons fly by and muffle the music for a few seconds.