Rhythm Kitchen is a minigame in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. It can be unlocked by speaking to Bruno outside the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Cook to the rhythm!
Touch and hold to cook, slide to plate!
Touch and slide the stylus on the Touch Screen.

The player must help Raphael in assisting Bruno with his restaurant, helping cook the meals and preparing them to be served.

Tapping the Touch Screen with the stylus makes Raphael place the frying pan on the hob. Holding it down without food inside can make catching the chef's meals easier, but may make it harder to follow the rhythm.

Holding down the stylus on the Touch Screen when the pan had food inside makes Raphael cook it (repeatedly tossing it in the air). The food can either be vegetables, waffles, or ham, in ascending order of their times taken to cook. Releasing the stylus will result in a miss.

Once fully cooked, sliding the stylus to the right on time makes Raphael put the food on the plate, which the waiter then passes along to be served.