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Emperor's TreasureEdit

Rhythm List for Emperor's Treasure
R01 - Showtime
R02 - Looting the Louvre
R03 - Le Getaway
R04 - Battle Diabolique
R05 - Bone Appétit
R06 - Rhythm Kitchen
R07 - Moon Princess
R08 - Destroyer Diabolique
R09 - Sneaking and Entering
R10 - Charlie Takes the Field
R11 - Onward Through the Dark
R12 - Napoleon's Hideout
R13 - Samba Carnival
R14 - Hurry Up and Wait
R15 - Phantom Fondue
R16 - Throwdown with Alfred
R17 - Phantom from the Opera
R18 - Rematch with Charlie
R19 - Cheering Marie
R20 - Mega-Rhythm Kitchen
R21 - Operation: Love
R22 - Looting the Louvre Redux
R23 - The Faux Phantom R
R24 - Trying Tryouts
R25 - Shall We Dance?
R26 - It's Dog Showtime
R27 - Throwdown with Napoleon
R28 - Return of the Faux Phantom R
R29 - Feel the Magic
R30 - Battle at the Eiffel Tower
R31 - Gone with the Wind
R32 - Second Helping
R33 - Operation: Power of Love
R34 - To the Manor Borne
R35 - Vergier vs. the Chevaliers
R36 - To the Eiffel Tower
R37 - Chevalier Showdown
R38 - The True Chevaliers
R39 - En Garde, Jean-François
R40 - Through the Hanging Gardens
R41 - Showdown with Napoleon
R42 - Melody of Hope
R43 - Mastermind
R44 - Flight from the Gardens
R45 - Restaurant Test
R46 - Enter the Waiter
R47 - The Last Dance
R48 - Fondue to the Rescue
R49 - Phantom Notes
R50 - Family Ties

Note that R48, R49 and R50 are not unlocked during the course of the story and are unlocked by completing side quests.

  • R48 is unlocked by completing the Master Instrument.
  • R49 is unlocked by collecting all of the Phantom Notes.
  • R50 is unlocked by getting an A Rank on all Rhythm Games on normal difficulty.

Please note that if you successfully get an A on a game and it does not update, it is not a glitch. The rank only updates if the score obtained was higher than before.

Also note that you only need to get an A rank once on a song in order for it to count toward unlocking Family Ties. Even if your A rank is not recorded because it is a lower score than another rank, the game will still count it.

Paris CaperEdit

Rhythm List for Paris Caper
R01 - Showtime - Remix
R02 - Looting the Louvre - Remix
R03 - Le Thème Diabolique
R04 - A Beat of My Own
R05 - Cheering Marie - Remix
R06 - Twilight of the Chevaliers
R07 - Backbeat Battler!
R08 - Bite the Bobbies' Bums!
R09 - Sneak 'n' Peek
R10 - Ping-Pong Rally
R11 - Tango de Fondue
R12 - Arabian Knights
R13 - Orpheus in the Underworld
R14 - The Last Dance - Remix
R15 - AK Beat Down
R16 - Phantom Fondue - Remix
R17 - Cookin' on Gas
R18 - Friend vs. Faux
R19 - Rooftop Run Act 2
R20 - Showdown (Harpsichord Concerto)
R21 - Elegant Infiltration
R22 - Love Me, Love My Backup Dancers
R23 - On Dangerous Ground
R24 - Harder than Hard-Boiled
R25 - The Faux Phantom R
R26 - Throwdown with Alfred - Remix
R27 - Showdown by Moonlight
R28 - Rematch (Badinerie)
R29 - Sharp Shooter!
R30 - A Father's Duty