Finished Phantom Notes
Phantom Notes (幻の譜面, Maboroshi no Fumen) are collectible items found in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. They can be found in groups of five when tapping around. The player must tap all five of the notes in a certain area to collect the full piece of the Phantom Note. The five notes when tapped are heard in a "do-re-mi" scale.

There are 18 Phantom Notes total. After the player collects all 18 pieces, they can speak to Charles to unlock the bonus chapter "Marie's Test," which leads to the minigame Phantom Notes.

Please note that notes 1, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17 will not be available after appearing in their respective chapters. Thus, one can buy these at Shop Auban for 10 medals.

Phantom Notes Locations
Number Location Availability
1 Place de la Concorde Chapter 1
2 Rue Livio Chapter 2
3 Musée Rodin Chapter 3
4 The Market Chapter 3
5 Paris Opéra Entry Hall Chapter 4
6 Paris Opéra Hallway Chapter 4
7 The Louvre, Main Entry Chapter 5
8 Rue Rambuteau Chapter 5
9 Place Saint-Pierre Chapter 5
10 Palace of Versailles, The Gardens Chapter 6
11 Palace of Versaillies, Reception Gallery Chapter 6
12 Behind Les Invalides Chapter 7
13 Champ de Mars Chapter 7
14 Champs-Élysées Chapter 8
15 Elisabeth's Manse Chapter 8
16 Hanging Gardens, 2nd Floor Corridor Chapter 9
17 Hanging Gardens, Central Passage Chapter 9
18 Petit Pont Chapter 10