Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure (リズム怪盗R 皇帝ナポレオンの遺産, リズムかいとうアール こうていナポレオンのいさん, Rizumu Kaitō R: Kōtei Naporeon no Isan) is a game made by SEGA. It follows an art thief named Phantom R who attempts to find his father who went missing three years previously.

There are anime-styled cutscenes present in the game.

This game's software was up for download on the Japanese eShop on June 27, 2013. However, the download for the software and its demo was discontinued after January 18, 2017.[1] Another version of the game went on sale on November 22, 2012. It was titled Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure SEGA THE BEST (リズム怪盗R 皇帝ナポレオンの遺産 SEGA THE BEST). The content stayed the same as the original.

There is a StreetPass function in Emperor's Treasure where the player can pass people and gain fans. This is unlocked after completing Chapter 1.


  1. Chance Encounter
  2. On the Trail of the Mark
  3. The Darkness of Les Invalides
  4. The Paris Opéra
  5. In Search of Marie
  6. Intrigue in the Shadows
  7. Saving Marie
  8. Marie's Secret
  9. Weapon in the Clouds
  10. Parting Ways
  11. Meeting Fondue (bonus chapter)
  12. Marie's Test (bonus chapter)
  13. Family Ties (bonus chapter)


Chapter 1: Chance EncounterEdit

Chapter 2: On the Trail of the MarkEdit

Chapter 3: The Darkness of Les InvalidesEdit

Chapter 4: The Paris OpéraEdit

Chapter 5: In Search of MarieEdit

Chapter 6: Intrigue in the ShadowsEdit

Chapter 7: Saving MarieEdit

Chapter 8: Marie's SecretEdit

Chapter 9: Weapon in the CloudsEdit

Chapter 10: Parting WaysEdit

Box ArtEdit


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