Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure's StreetPass system in an "alternate Paris" allows you to StreetPass other players and have the option to challenge them in rhythm minigames. If you are able to beat their high score for a selected minigame, you gain 1 fan. As you gain more fans, you get to unlock more characters. However, losing to them will result in them leaving the map.

All normal characters appear except Amber, Christophe, Grenier, Jet, Nina, Onyx, and Sapphire. If the number of people passed exceeds 77 (the number of normal characters that appear), characters that you've already seen will appear again. The number of fans you gain cannot be reset.

After ten fans, a "special character" appears. Special characters offer a specific challenge to Phantom R. The first time he beats them, he gains another fan. He can repeat their challenge at any time.

StreetPass is unlocked after completing Chapter 1.

Streetpass NotificationsEdit

When the player receives a StreetPass from another person who has Rhythm Thief, their 3DS Notification light will light up green. Rhythm Thief does not have to be in the slot for StreetPass to occur. The notification list will show how many people you have passed.

To access these StreetPasses, you must enter the menu selection screen of Rhythm Thief and select Wireless. Then, select StreetPass and you will enter the alternate Paris map. Phantom R will then notify the player how many people are in the city and ask that you find them and see what they have to say.


When you talk to someone you had StreetPassed, a character from the game will be shown. Regular characters all display a message from the player that was StreetPassed, while special characters each have different dialogue depending on whether you win or lose.

Regular CharactersEdit

__________ (character name) is trying to decide whether to be your fan or (Your StreetPass challenger's name)'s.

Looks like there's a message from (StreetPass challenger):"__________" Would you like to try to beat (StreetPass challenger)'s R__ score of ______?

__________ (character name) became a fan of (your StreetPass name), bringing your fan total to 1.

__________ (character name) became a fan of __________ (StreetPass challenger).

Special CharactersEdit


Fondue: Woeuf woeuf!

Phantom R: Seriously, Fondue? You want to take me on?
Fondue: Woeurf!

Information: Looks like Fondue wants to face Phantom R. Get a rank of B or better to beat him.


Winning Dialogue

Fondue: Hurnnn...
Phantom R: Good times, Fondue.

Losing Dialogue

Fondue: Woeuf!

Phantom R: Nice moves, Fondue.

Rematch Dialogue

Fonude: Woeuf woeuf!

Phantom R: You want to take me on, Fondue?

Paul Vergier

Vergier: I'll have you today, Phantom R!

Phantom R: Inspector Vergier! Don't you ever give up?
Vergier: The Paris Constabulary does not know the meaning of the word! En garde!

Information: Inspector Vergier has thrown down the gauntlet. Get a rank of B or better to beat him.


Winning Dialogue

Vergier: One day you will be behind bars, and I will be the one to put you there.
Phantom R: Good luck with that, Inspector!

Losing Dialogue

Vergier: Come along quietly and it will go easier for you, Phantom R.
Phantom R: That's my cue to scram!

Vergier: Don't let him get away! After him!

Rematch Dialogue

Vergier: I'll have you today, Phantom R!

Phantom R: Inspector Vergier! Don't you ever give up?

Charlie Vergier

Charlie: Now I have you, Phantom R! When they lock you up, I will be the one to throw away the key!

Phantom R: Same old charlie, huh?
Charlie: We'll see how smug you are from behind bars!

Information: Charlie has thrown down the gauntlet. Achieve rank A to win.


Charlie: Grrr!
Charlie: Where has he snuck off to this time?

Winning Dialogue

Phantom R: Had enough?
Charlie: I will only have enough when I put you behind bars where you belong!
Phantom R: Guess that's a "no."

Losing Dialogue

Phantom R: You've been practicing.
Charlie: Spare me your praise. I want only your peaceful surrender.
Phantom R: You know I won't do that. See you around, charlie!

Charlie: One of these days I'll get you, Phantom R!

Rematch Dialogue

Charlie: I'll have you this time, Phantom R! There can be no escape!

Phantom R: I've heard that one before, but here I am, free as a bird.


Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon: You've made a fool of me long enough, Phantom R. Kneel before your master!

Phantom R: Kneeling is so nineteenth century.
Napoleon: You will kneel or you will die!

Information: Napoleon has thrown down the gauntlet. You cannot win without a single mistake.


Phantom R: I'll take a pass.
Napoleon: After him, my minions!

Winning Dialogue

Napoleon: You put up a good fight. But you'll not be so lucky next time.
Phantom R: It's always next time with you.

Losing Dialogue

Napoleon: You're slipping, Phantom R.

Phantom R: Urk, time to get scarce.

Rematch Dialogue

Napoleon: Come to throw yourself at my feet and beg for mercy, Phantom R?

Phantom R: Delusions of grandeur much?



Chevaliers Diabolique


Backup Dancers

Special Characters EncounteredEdit

These are the special characters that appear in StreetPass.

# of Fans Character Location Minigame Requirements
10 Fondue Raphael's Apartment R15 Rank B or higher
20 Paul Vergier Paris Constabulary R35 Rank B or higher
30 Charlie Vergier Café R10 Rank A or higher
40 Alfred Elisabeth's Manse R16 Rank A or higher
50 Napoleon Pont Alexandre III R27 No misses
60 Elisabeth Elisabeth's Manse R34 No misses
70 Jean-François St. Louré Convent R39 No misses
80 Chevaliers Diabolique Les Invalides R37 No misses
90 Marie Place de la Concorde R42 No misses
100 Backup Dancers The Louvre, Main Entry R47 No misses